Habit Design for Small Exercises

This is a little cheatsheet to help you design your new exercise habit so that it sticks and you can be proud of how easy it is for you to help yourself. Your Podiatrist Colin Power can help you discover the key points in creating a new habit. He uses the ground breaking research of Professor BJ Fogg PhD from Stanford University to help you design your rehabilitation exercise routine. The magic recipe for success in designing a new exercise routine that you are motivated to complete is simple but powerful.

Anchor + Exercise + Celebration

Anchor Moment 

A habit or something that you already do that you are going to tie your new habit to…like putting the kettle on, brushing your teeth, checking your email etc. The Anchor Moment reminds you to do the new small exercise.

After I put the coffee on

After I ……(put the coffee on)……………

Small Exercise

The new exercise or stretch that your Podiatrist has designed for you to do to help you back to your amazing self. You will be given a separate exercise sheet and you will be guided through the small exercise. You do the small exercise straight after the Anchor Moment.

Stretching out your feet

I will……(Stretch my feet)………………………

Instant Celebration

That crazy happy something that you say or do when know you did a good job. Maybe a little happy dance or maybe a quiet little “Yes” to yourself. You Celebrate immediately after doing the Small Exercise.

Major celebration of success

Give myself a happy smile….


After I ….put the kettle on. I will…. do my foot exercises at the kitchen bench and then give myself a happy little smile (Well Done).


Small Exercise