Nail surgery post-operative instructions

A simple list of instructions to follow after toenail surgery by your podiatrist at Power Podiatry.


  1. Remove dressing in 24 hours (or as directed) and shower as you would normally. Soak your foot daily in warm water and Epsom salts (1-2 TBSP in 1 litre) for up to 10 min, gently clean the toe around the surgical site.
  2. Apply Betadine liquid (Povidone iodine) twice a day after showering and apply a flexible fabric Band-Aid. 
  3. Excess bleeding is not unusual in nail surgery. If this occurs apply extra pressure and elevate your foot as high as possible. If the bleeding continues call the practice. 
  4. Take the pain medication or oral antibiotics as directed (if prescribed). 
  5. Your return appointment should be made for the next week or sooner. 


  1. Bath your foot at least once daily. This includes a shower, bath, soaks, etc. Running water from the bathtub tap to fall on the toe is an excellent way to cleanse the area. 
  2. You may gently clean the surgical site with a wash cloth, soap and water when bathing or showering. 
  3. Gently massage the cuticle area of the toe to promote drainage of the surgical site. This will allow the surgical area to clear away excess fluid and promote healing.
  4. Apply a Band-Aid or island dressing strip during the day when wearing shoes. Leave it uncovered when bare foot or in open toed shoes around the house, at night or sleeping.  
  5. As the area continues to dry up, you may leave it open and uncovered to promote healing. 
  6. As always, feel free to call with any questions or concerns.