Orthotic Assessment

Orthotics and footwear

Orthotics (or Orthoses) known by many names such as “Inserts” or “Insoles” come in many different shapes and sizes. We have prepared a guide on the cost of orthotics for you that will answer many of your questions on the price range of orthotics.

Orthotics Cost – Orthotics Price Guide

Types of Orthotics

There are 5 basic categories of orthotics that may be prescribed by a podiatrist.

  • Custom functional orthotics
  • Moulded to cast orthotics
  • Moulded non-cast orthotics
  • Off the Shelf orthotics
  • Ankle Foot orthotics (AFO)

How orthotics are made

Custom orthotics require an impression of the foot whereas “Off the Shelf” orthotics can be customised and directly moulded to the patient’s foot.

  • Foot Impression
    • Plaster cast
    • Foam impression
    • Digital scan

There are pro’s and con’s for each method. Digital scanning depends greatly upon the operator to get a useful impression just the same as the other two methods.

  • The impression of the foot needs to be modified to achieve the desires outcome
  • The orthotic is then manufactured
    • traditional methods
    • CNC milling
    • 3D printed

The range and design is very large in both “off the shelf” and custom orthotics. Your podiatrist will discuss the merit of various orthotic designs to fit with your shoe selection and lifestyle.

At Power Podiatry we often use customised off the shelf orthotics to reduce the cost of orthotics to the patient and still get great outcomes for our patients…win, win.

Orthotic Assessment – Review

Orthotics are a very useful tool and can be used as a temporary solution or part of a permanent treatment plan. They are not a magic bullet for everything. Many people have orthotics and want them replaced or would like to know if they have other treatment options…we can help.

  • If you have an existing pair of orthotics please bring them in on your initial podiatry visit
  • If you have been told that you need orthotics and would like to discuss alternatives we can go over all that on your 1st podiatry visit

Orthotics and Science

We have been prescribing orthotics for over 30yrs and the science behind orthotics continues to grow however it is not always clear which foot conditions will benefit. Orthotics may be useful in helping you walk pain-free but they are rarely the only treatment required. Some health professionals feel that orthotics are being over-prescribed and we tend to agree.

What the Science says;

  • Orthotics may not benefit Heel Pain but they also might
  • Children with low arches do not always need orthotics
  • Orthotics may assist with offloading foot structures
  • Customisable “Off the Shelf” may be as effective as Custom Orthotics

Yes we prescribe orthotics

Orthotics are a useful tool and important in the treatment plan of many people. They don’t have to be as expensive as you think and that is why we often use customised pre-made orthotics to reduce the cost to you. The design and dose (how much you wear them) is often the difference between success and failure. You need the right design for the right amount of time.

Orthotics are loved and hated by many people. So who is right?

The simple answer is:

  1. If you have orthotics and they feel great and you couldn’t imagine life without them then keep wearing them.
  2. If you have orthotics and they sit in the cupboard because they make your feet hurt even more, then don’t wear them.
  3. If you are unsure then you have two options.
    • Go back to the health professional that prescribed them
    • If you need a second opinion then we can help

Orthotics May or May Not be Right for You