Power Podiatry and our response to COVID-19

Preparing for the future of Power Podiatry

Keeping our “family” safe

When I read the advertising of many Allied Health professions and it comes across as “Business as usual” it makes me a little sad. Business should not be as usual if you are keeping your family of patients / staff and yourself safe. This is a time when we have to make tough decisions and I am no different in my anxiety in relation to these decisions.

Every health business must assess their ability to keep everyone as safe as possible. I have assessed my ability to do this and have made significant changes to the way we run Power Podiatry.

Limiting the impact on our family

We are trying to limit the impact of this pandemic on our community as much by maintaining a flexible business approach. Business will not be as usual and most likely will never be the same again. I am lucky enough to have treated patients that have fought in many conflicts including the Boer war, WW One and Two, Korea,Vietnam and many others. From this I learnt that we must stick together even when times are grim and have a little laugh (at a distance) with our mates. We are really all in this together…all the human race.

Preparing for the future

We are preparing Power Podiatry for the future as thoroughly as I prepared the house for a good paint job. We will all have to be more flexible with out plans and our thoughts. We are happy to help our community as well as our seasonal travellers in this time of change.

Sanding the garage beside the practice

Stay safe and if you need to contact us please do so even if it to ask a few friendly questions.